Rain, Oh Baby!

As of 1:30 today I received almost an inch of rain! And as you can see from the thermometer, it is nice and cool outside.

2007-09-09 DSC02115 crop

I went over to my Mom’s home and while she was busy doing something, I went outside and “played” in the rain and went in search of what is in blossom today. Here’s one of her pretty gladiolas:

2007-09-09 DSC02116

The Mum’s were enjoying the rain:

2007-09-09 DSC02126

Mom’s rock collection even looked refreshed!

2007-09-09 DSC02122

This is about the time my Mom called out the window to ask me what I was doing. I told her I was “playing” in the rain! It felt good to be able to breathe freshly “washed” air for a change and feel the rain on my skin! The trees were pretty in the rain:

2007-09-09 DSC02134

After I was done outside, I went inside to give the kitty a brushing and massage.  Afterwards, she was enjoying life as usual by rolling all over the place and making her prrrrrr noises at me.

2007-09-09 DSC02151

Hopefully your day was pleasant wherever you are, too!

This Looked Ominous!

I was leaving my home yesterday at 2:50 PM for the second time and I thought it was a beautiful day full of bright sunshine. Until I got out onto the main road and saw the sun was about ready to hide behind an ominous looking bank of clouds coming my way. By the time I went back home to get the camera and take these photos, the sun was already behind the clouds – between the sun moving west and the clouds moving northeast, it disappeared really fast! This is looking towards the southwest:

2006-12-31 002

Here’s a photo looking towards the west.

2006-12-31 004

And yet another photo looking west – more northerly than the previous photo.

2006-12-31 003

Of course, I was travelling into this ominous darkness. I would have preferred to turn around and head east! The evening brought ice rain, but this morning its just rain – thankfully. I’ve lived through one major ice storm, and don’t want to ever do that again. Okay, it’s January 1st and now I would like *some* snow – not a blizzard, just enough snow cover to protect everyone’s plants.

Happy New Year!

Rain Update for this past week

1/4″ last Saturday night (7/29/06) added to 3.25″ that was already in the guage, 3/4″ Wednesday during the day 8/2/06 to almost 4.25″,

03August2006 002c

and 1.5″ Thursday night 8/3/06

04August2006 001c

Today the gutters will hopefully get fixed. Somehow the gutter in the front separated from the house. Couldn’t be all of this rain, could it, hmmmmm. We’ll see. Anyways, water was pouring into the basement, this time in the front, during this rain due to the gutter issue. I’ll be happy after it gets fixed!

As I was outside emptying a bucket I had placed under the eave to catch most of the rainwater in the front, a toad came hopping out of my front garden. It was too dark and rainy to see him clearly, so I don’t know if he’s my big fat toad from the back yard, or another big fat toad.

Oh, Here We Go Again

I was hoping to never have to show my rain guage again. I was awakened at 5:22 AM to lightening and thunder so I had to get up and close all of the windows. This is the rain guage at 9:30 AM – and it’s still raining – more gentle now (hopefully it stays gentle):


When I went down to the basement the pans that I left there from the last onslaught were full and the floor was slightly wet in a couple of places. I’m glad I left the pans there from last time, “just in case.” I was hoping there wasn’t a “just in case” time, though!

Here’s a couple more of my zinnias I took yesterday – I was trying for photos while the sun was hiding, but it came out during the second zinnia photo:

27July2006 001c

Sun shining:

27July2006 002c

My cosmos are getting bigger and prettier:

27July2006 004c

Here’s some of my white Echinacea:

27July2006 007c

I was going to attempt venturing out today to buy groceries, go the bank, return overdue library books (I don’t like doing that, but I couldn’t help it this week), but the rain is causing roads to flood, and where I need to go are places prone to flooding. So maybe this afternoon, we’ll see. . .

More Rain!

This morning I woke up to yet more rain! I wasn’t in the mood to even check the basement, I don’t care if the house floats away, maybe I should be building an ark. Those were the thoughts that floated through my head (no pun intended). I took this photo around 9:00 AM and it was still raining. This is the total amount of rain I have received from Monday July 10th to Saturday Morning, July 15th. All I ask is for one inch of rain a week, almost five inches of rain is a little extreme, don’t ya think?

15July2006 001c

Enough Already!

This is my rain guage as of 5:40 PM today. Now, an inch of it fell on Monday, which leaves over 3 inches so far today. And it is still raining.


This is not normal. According to the weatherman, the rain we got so far today is the amount we normally get for all of July. I had to bail my basement for two hours this afternoon. Usually water drips down the wall in a couple of places right into the french drain causing no problem, but today it came pouring in beyond the french drain, so I used big pans and had to run back and forth between each “fountain” to empty the pans into the sump pump and/or wash tub on the other side of the basement and keep the water swept into the french drain. I just bought a new hot water heater, I don’t need to buy another new one, or a new furnace – I just had it cleaned and checked. I’m looking forward to heat and humidity if you can believe it – well, not really, just something besides precipitation and being concerned about the basement.

Last evening these two Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) came to visit and get a drink:

11July2006 004c


11July2006 003c

Here’s a female American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) that also stopped by last night on my Lovage:

11July2006 005c

The Norway Spruce cones are still green and keep growing downwards:

11July2006 006c

And. . . I went outside today to make sure the drains were draining away from the house, and there was a beautiful big fat snake!!! I suspected I had a snake in my garden because I saw the plants wiggle as if there was a snake underneath. Everything is flooded so he probably had to come out to look for a “dry” spot, or at least one that wasn’t drenched. I was in the middle of the basement issue, so I couldn’t take a photo for you. Maybe another day!