Hojack Swing Bridge

We went to Charlotte to see the lighthouse, and ended up (re)discovering a world of things at Charlotte, including the Hojack Swing Bridge, which is located on the Genesee River just south of Lake Ontario.


I’m standing on the old railroad bed:

I was wondering what was in the control booth:

So I searched online and saw a report, which, when you open the pdf file, shows what is inside the control booth:  Hojack Swing Bridge

According to this report, this bridge was built by the King Bridge Company in Ohio in 1905:

It was originally steam powered, and converted to diesel in the 1950’s.

Here’s looking at the old rail bed across the river, through the bridge, on the east side:

Here’s where the bridge locked in on the west side of the river:

And here’s one of the resting pads:

Here’s the view of the bridge looking south:

And a view of the bridge looking north:

The Thousand Islands – Saturday

Saturday we got up extra early (why?) got ready and headed for a breakfast buffet (mmmm, breakfast, my favorite meal), which pretty much held us all day long.  We then headed down to Clayton, stopping first at this marine store, where there were various sizes of anchors that had been rescued from the bottom of the river. Here’s some of the smaller ones:


We then headed to the Antique Boat Museum and the Antique Boat Regatta.
It was quite windy, as you can see from the water!

I love the old wooden boats.

We were hoping to go through ‘La Duchesse,’ but it was closed for the Regatta weekend.
This houseboat was built for George Boldt for living, housing guests, and entertaining.

We then took a nap here, because somebody was grumpy from not sleeping good on the ground (hmmmm, yes, it was me):


Then we went to Corbin’s River Heritage store, which was so cool! The walls were filled with old photos that could be bought. And there were tons of books, of which I bought a couple.


Then it was time to get ready for our three hour dinner cruise. Note to anyone wanting to take a dinner cruise – make reservations – that way you get a table by yourself and in a prime location!


It’s so cool to see so many islands, and the huge houses that people build on them. Don’t sleep walk, you may end up in the river!


As we were eating we passed under The Thousand Islands bridge:

After we finished eating, we sat in the bow and enjoyed the fresh evening air:

And by the time we got back, it was late, so we went straight to the ground and I slept like a log.

The Thousand Islands – Friday Night

We went to The Thousand Islands on the New York State side this past weekend for a much needed two day vacation (I actually need a week long vacation, which will hopefully come next year), where the earth was my bed for two nights, which I haven’t done since I was a kid, and after getting used to how to arrange my body parts so I could sleep the first night, I slept like a log the second night.  Except I got rudely woken up by rain and getting dry clothes off the line so I didn’t have to cart around a bunch of wet clothes.

Anyways, on Friday night after we arrived, we went snorkeling / swimming across part of the St. Lawrence River to this island, of which I could figure out the name and I will, I just don’t have the map on me right now.

View from our campsite to the island.

Once we reached the island we saw a freighter go by – awesomely close, and I wish I had the camera on the float. We got back just before dark.

Sunset view from our campsite.

We had a great view of The Thousand Island bridge from our campsite – I just needed to bring a tripod for the night shots I took!

The Thousand Island bridge – really blurry, but the only photo I have of it!

We then went into Alexandria Bay, where Bill Johnstons Pirates Days was being held, and the streets were teaming with (drunk) people.

Yes, I need to work on my night shots.

After we found a parking place just inside of town, we walked down to Scenic View Park, window shopping along the way (stores stay open late and open early – very convenient!). This was my first view of Boldt Castle.
More to come on the castle in another post!

We then went back and fell directly to sleep on the ground underneath a sky full of stars. It was great seeing stars!

Do you know how many islands are in The Thousand Islands?

Scanning Old Slides, or Proof that I Climbed Trees

I’ve been scanning my grandparents’ slides in between working, and have really been enjoying the trip down memory lane. My grandmother was a real shutterbug – she would have loved a digital camera – but at the same time kind of a pain in the rear-end when you’re a kid and she asked you to stop what you’re doing while she fiddled with her camera. Now I’m thankful she was good about taking so many photos. The set I just scanned were beautiful fall scenery photos that I will share with you when it becomes fall here. For now, I found photo proof that I used to try to climb trees. Here I am as a young girl climbing an evergreen. After a couple times up and down this tree, I was forbidden because I made the tree bleed (it makes me sad that I did that):


The above slide is from the summer of ’69. I find it really interesting that some of the slides are excellent, and some are really bad, even ones from the same batch. Go figure. The above is one that isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst, either.

Here’s another slide of an unknown river – it could be the Lamoille River in Vermont since my grandparents travelled quite frequently to Vermont to visit family, etc. that live near this river.


It’s fun undercovering these beautiful treasures! I can barely sleep at night!

Northern Cardinal, Snake & Another Old Postcard

This morning while I was shutting the windows to leave for the day, I saw the juvenile male Northern Cardinal on the bird bath. I don’t think he liked the depth of the water, because he would hop in and immediately hop out like he was going to drown (not). He would then flap his wings while standing on the side, sharpen his beak on the edge, hop to another spot on the side of the bird bath, then hop back in and repeat the series of events. This was too cute to watch. He’s getting more red feathers every time I see him.

I saw my snake sunning himself on the front lawn the other day. He was brown/gray and has a yellow stripe down his side. I need a snake book to identify him. This calls for a trip to my local Barnes & Noble (like I need an excuse to go browse in a bookstore)! By the way, I live in an area that is relatively free of scary poisonous snakes so I’m generally not afraid. Until I go to Arizona for a vacation, or a swampy area around here.

And since I try not to make photo-less blog entries, here’s another photo postcard from my Great Grandmother’s photo albums, this one of the Missisquoi River and Jay Peak from No. Enosburg VT:

pg007-02 pg007-02 Hosted on Zooomr