Lights on the Lake

On Wednesday night we went to Lights on the Lake, sponsored by Wegmans.  Mind you, I paid $8 to get in, so I was going to enjoy myself.  I don’t know how many different light displays there are, but it seemed to go on forever.  Even the advertising was cute:

2011-01-05 008

Some were simple, but I love the backdrop of the trees and the lake:
2011-01-05 010

It was snowing, so it was hard to capture some of the lights, but I love this school of fish:
2011-01-05 031

Wanna watch the submarine races? Ha ha! This one is blurry, but I had to show it. Watching submarine races is code for making out by the lake.
2011-01-05 035

And that’s just what Santa and Mrs. Claus are doing:
2011-01-05 036

There were different themes: Santa’s Workshop, The Wizard of Oz, etc. There were birds flying around:
2011-01-05 057

And trees cast in different colors:
2011-01-05 064

Many of the light displays “moved” so we started taking video, which I won’t bore you with. There was a part dedicated to nature, which I totally enjoyed (bad photo, but I love the blue light):
2011-01-05 097

and as you can see, there was a sign to call if you needed assistance.
2011-01-05 095

Well, some poor, miserable creature decided he/she didn’t like it we were enjoying ourselves because he/she had to pass us even though we were pulled over (wah for him/her) and called the number, and we were eventually “escorted” out of the rest of the park by a park ranger, so I missed photographing some fantastic light displays.

But I did capture the end:
2011-01-05 117

2011-01-05 118
So much for land of the free to enjoy yourselves to the max. But I did enjoy it as much as I could!

A Lull in the Snow

There is another snow front coming from the east (unusual) but at 5:45pm the snow has stopped and I captured clearing skies and the moon.

A little sun to the southwest:

Snow on the Norway Spruces and other evergreen I haven’t id’d yet:



Snow on Rose of Sharon:

And Silver Maple:


And the moon in the east:

Snowed In

I got up at 4:30am to get ready for work and saw that my road wasn’t plowed yet.  I got ready and at 5:45am my road and driveway were still not plowed.  So what I had said to co-workers yesterday at work, that I may get stuck at home (today), came true.  I hate when that happens.  I don’t know what time the road got plowed, but my driveway didn’t get plowed, with all of it’s 15″, until 2:14pm.  I can bet my snow plow guy tried this morning but since my road wasn’t plowed, I’m sure he had lots of other places to plow.  So I worked from home today.  And I realize I don’t really like working from home.  I mean every once in a while it might be okay, but to have it forced on me is yucky.  I like going to work and I like interacting with my co-workers and (nice) patrons.

I was talking to a guy who worked at the Grand Canyon, and he told me that in the winter, psychologists need to go to help the Grand Canyon staff because it gets crazy lonely up there.  And I felt that way just a bit today.  Being *stuck* at home kind of made me wild.

Icicles hanging from an unheated garage?  Go figure:

Full driveway, this morning, at about 12″:

Yay, 2:14pm and snow plow guy shows up:

Yay! Plowed driveway. I had to get rid of those dingle-berries near the garage, and they were very heavy!

Snow is too heavy to move except where I need to walk on the deck:

Snow is pretty on the trees and shrubs. I hope it isn’t too heavy for them:


It is still snowing. Good for downhill skiing, that’s for sure! Too bad I don’t ski anymore!

Tired Snow

This snow is getting a bit tired of standing up straight:


Barn and Silo

As I was driving along Lake Rd. yesterday, I looked over just in time to see this barn and silo.  And driving with camera in hand, I was able to capture it.  Excuse the dirty car window.  I don’t like washing my car when it’s sub-zero out.

Barn and silo from Lake Rd.

What a Difference Five Days Makes!

Have I mentioned how much I love living near Lake Ontario? Being on the south side of the lake, near Irondequoit Bay, we definitely don’t get as much snow as other areas along the lake, especially to the east. And I like it this way. Today after running errands I drove along Lake Road again and went down to the bay, to capture a photo similar to the one I took on New Year’s Day.

What a difference a snow storm makes to the view. Compare to photo in Jan. 1st post.


Today was definitely a day full of photo opps, iff (if and only if) I didn’t have my hands g-l-u-e-d to my steering wheel the whole way to work.  Oh my, I wanted to show you the wicked snow-covered roads, the intense snow-fall and white-outs, the way the snow made barns and trees look beautiful, etc. etc.   But instead, all I have is a pic I took out my back door after I got home tonight – and it is still snowing, but at least the blowing has settled down.  My Nikon didn’t capture the snow flakes as it was sucking in light and I’m too lazy (tired?) to force it to capture snow flakes.  If you look closely you can see the thin blurred lines which represent snow flakes:

Photo out my back door tonight – it’s still snowing!  P.S. The white rectangular thing to the right of the thermometer and post is a sensor to a monitor inside my home so I know the outside temperature without having to squint to read the one to the left of the post.

Goodbye Explorer, Hello Focus

10 1/2 years ago Ford manufactured an Explorer that I designed just for me and they had to change their line, just for me, because I love driving with a standard transmission.  It’s nothing special, just an Explorer Sport with standard transmission and cruise control (I have a lead foot).  I went to pick it up, and my Dad came with me, because he was always very excited whenever I bought a new vehicle, whether it was used or brand new.  And we went for a long ride.  And every so often over the years, we would go for long rides.

My Explorer never let me down.  Over the last 10 1/2 years I have never broken down with it.  Even last week when it needed a new alternator, it made it home, and to service (they were surprised it did).


Today, I traded in my Explorer using the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program, even though I *really* wanted to keep it for a winter-rat, because it does so well in the snow.  But the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program was really irristable, making one of the high priced cars more in line with what I wanted to pay for a vehicle at this time.


But I’m having doubts, because what will I do when winter comes?  And it comes with intense fiery in NY state.  I’m really worried that I’ve made a mistake.  And my Dad wasn’t around to consult.  Even though I know he would tell me to do what I needed to do.   Buying a new vehicle should be no big deal, but somehow this time it’s different because things aren’t the same all around.  No Dad, the economy sucks, I’ve *never* driven a small car.  In fact, I’ve owned all of four vehicles, now working on my fifth:  a 1975 Maverick (used), a 1979 Thunderbird (used), a 1990 Ranger (new), a 1999 Explorer (new), and now this 2009 Focus (new).


But then maybe I’ll love that this new vehicle is fully loaded (not my request, just give me stick and cruise control), including SYNC and SIRUIS.  Listening to the BB King Bluesville station 74 may settle me down.  Maybe.

Some Cool, Blue Snowmen

My brother and I had to drop off some mail at the Post Office drive-through a couple of weeks ago, and we spied these two happy, blue snowmen standing there:


They are really decked out, with sunglasses and gloves, and somehow died blue. We thought the Post Office employees were cool. And then my weekly town newspaper arrived, and Carol Klem wrote about them stating “Mystery shrouds the arrival of these two shade-wearing snow people at the U.S. Post Office. . .”

Whoever made them made our day, and hopefully the day of many other U.S. Post Office patrons!


My crocus are up, too!  These are their little leaves as of last Saturday! Yay!


Bring on the color!

And in case you’re wondering why I don’t have flowers yet on anything, I still have snow in my yard:

View from my deck.

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