Not So Itsy Bitsy

I once again have at least one resident spider hanging around on the outside of my home.   She’s had the most interesting things captured in her web which I’ve seen as I come and go.   She usually runs away before I can photograph her.   But tonight I was able to capture a couple of photos:

You look familiar.

If you weren’t so edgy, I could capture good photos of your many eyes.

She looks like the spider I had here.

Happy Wordless Wednesday

This spider kept running away from the camera so it was really hard to capture him, and he turned out too bright, but still, these little spiders I never really looked at before are soooo cool! He was running around on a box elder.


Doin’ It

I was outside minding my own business taking photos of my daffodils, which seemed to have all blossomed at once given the great weather we’ve been having, when I spied insects on one of my daffodils.


Already then, I couldn’t wait to blow this photo up to have a closer look, because it looks like they’re doin’ “it!”


I’ll look this bug up in my bug book when it’s dark and cooler out. For now, I want to show you the coolest spider, and then get back outside!


It looks like he’s transparent! Hmmm, I’ll check this guy out later, too! Enjoy the weather!

Double Eeeek!!

When I came home on Sunday night I saw this huge spider on the side of my home. Okay, well, not as big as a daddy long legs in diameter and not as big as those spiders you see elsewhere, but this guy was huge in comparison to the other spider I have on my home that I recently showed you, and his legs were wiggling wildly. And what are those shiny things – his eyeballs? Notice I’m calling this spider a “him”!

DSC02535 crop

I mean a girl spider can’t be this ugly, can she?

DSC02533 crop

And she wouldn’t have such hairy legs, would she?

DSC02531 crop

Although that butt is kinda big.

As I was going to work yesterday morning, there were two of these guys on my home. I sure hope they don’t keep multiplying! All kidding aside, I actually think this spider is *very* cool! As long as it doesn’t touch me.

P.S. Thanks for all of your comments on my dishwasher post. I bought a GE dishwasher today at my local appliance store, and wouldn’t you know, because I went in there *after* 3:00 I won’t get it until next *THURSDAY*! If I had been there before 3:00 it would be here tomorrow. How icky is that? Now I have to waste time every night doing dishes. How b-o-r-i-n-g!


Last night / early this morning were weird. There was a full moon that I spotted through my trees, and I could *not* get a decent photo of it no matter how I tried. This is the best of the sad lot. I don’t know why I was so shaky last night, and I was too lazy to get the tripod out! The full moon made me *not* want to go to bed.

DSC02495 crop

The moon kept disappearing behind the clouds, so I looked around for something to photograph, and have seen this spider around my house for the past week. She was making a shadow, so I thought it would be cool to capture her and her shadow. She is just a little spider, all of 1/2″ long, and I thought pretty harmless. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek when I downloaded the photo!!! She’s hairy and scary! Note, these were taken in the dark of the night.

DSC02500 crop

And what’s that sticky area on her underside? Maybe where her web stuff comes out?

DSC02502 crop

I’m really not scared of the little spiders around here!

The other freaky things were it was 80 degrees still at 9:00PM (someone needs to tell the weather it is fall now), and at 2:30AM I was woken up out of a sound sleep by a wicked thunder/lightening storm. Thunder and lightening happen almost at the same time around here quite often and it is scary to me when it happens in the middle of the night. So between the full moon, the hot/humid weather and the thunderstorm, it was quite a night!

P.S.  My finger is all better, thanks for asking!  And I’ll do the middle name meme soon!  And I’ll continue the Allegany State Park posts, too!

The Moon, Daddy Long Legs

I looked out the kitchen window at 9:30 PM last night and saw the moon lower in the sky than the other night. This isn’t the best photo, but I still like it:

02August2006 004c
As I was going back into my home, I saw this Daddy Long Legs on the side of my house, with his shadow. It was kind of spooky:

02August2006 005c

I was spooked because I heard a stick crack in the woods.  I know it was probably just a deer, but still, it’s just spooky.

My Garden is Growing!

It rained last night and now it is cooler out – 70 degrees F at 10:20 AM – yay! But the heat we’ve had (and watering the garden) has made some of my seeds sprout quickly! Lettuce, mustard, kale, zinnias, basil and parsley are all up. Here’s some lettuce cotyledons!

Lettuce Cotyledons

I put my last piece of floating row cover over the area that this row of lettuce is in. Hopefully my Lee Valley order will arrive today so I can cover the rest of my sprouts! Last night I saw a rabbit next to my garden eating clover. It is just going to have to keep eating clover and not the sweet, tender greens from my garden!

I also noticed that the purple cones from the Norway Spruce that I showed you the other day are now hanging downwards and starting to turn green:

Norway Spruce Cones

On my way to take this photo, I noticed the spider from the other day – the one that built her web from the Rose of Sharon to my clothes line – and she has rebuilt her home. She’s tenacious. I put a piece of white paper behind her so you could see her. I wish you could see her beautiful web:


Speaking of spiders – remember the beautiful spider on the edge of the bird bath from the other day? I just noticed it only has seven legs! I saw it again yesterday on the smoke house which is near the bird bath, so hopefully I’ll see it again so I can count its legs.

Herb Robert is in my Iris bed, which I obviously need to weed out. The thing about Herb Robert is that it is real easy to weed since the roots are very shallow. I think the flowers and leaves on Herb Robert are so pretty:

Herb Robert

Coming Into Full Bloom: Weigela

Weigela is coming into bloom now. It is right outside Mom’s front porch, and where I sit to eat on the porch, I can see it. Two days ago we were eating lunch and I saw a hummingbird flit over to it and quickly leave.


This morning on my way to the store I saw three geese and eight goslings – how cute they were!! Sorry no photo – I know the camera needs to hang around my neck all of the time!

I went outside at 7:00 AM to plant my garden – it was already 80 degrees F out according to my thermometer. Three hours later, I have a garden! I had to cover the tomato plants – believe it or not hungry deer have eaten my tomatoes down in years past. It is very frustrating to say the least! Which reminds me, I have to place an order with Lee Valley for floating row cover so I can cover the rest of my garden when it sprouts to protect it from whoever finds my garden more delictable than the plants in the woods behind my yard.

I accidentally destroyed another spider’s web today. I feel bad – the spiders work so hard – but the web was hanging from my Rose-of-Sharon to my clothes line (the kind that turns). I hung my quilt on the line, and when I got home the clothes line had turned so I’m sure the spider web was destroyed. I don’t mean to do it.

Now it’s 1:30 PM and my thermometer is reading 95 degrees F. Amazing! This is breaking records!


When I went to fill the watering can from the outside faucet, I ran my head right into a spider’s web, and there were tons of tiny baby spiders crawling around:

Tiny Spiders

I feel bad I ruined part of the web with my hair, and displaced some of the tiny spiders.

Later on, as we were training one of the clematis’ we planted yesterday onto the trellis, I noticed this spider on the edge of top of the bird bath.


Fortunately it waited long enough for me to go get the camera and take the photo. After that it took off! Isn’t it beautiful? I put stones in this bird bath (there’s more bird baths for the birds) for the beneficial insects / spiders to get a drink if they want to, without drowning. It’s a bad pest year already, so anything we can do for the beneficials is great!

In other news, it was unusually hot today – 92 degrees F at 2:00, I’m not complaining, but it’s kind of tough to garden all day in this kind of heat. Even the cat was hot and lazy.


She usually gets up so I’ll scratch her, but not as the day got hotter. She just laid around. At least she wasn’t trying to get out to smell where big boy had been.

I saw a hummingbird around the coral bells again – real quick – I think I accidentally scared it away. Anyone who can capture a photo(s) of a hummingbird, I salute you!