Triple Dipping?

Start Rant. I don’t understand why young people think old people need to retire in order for them to get a job. And they think they can fill the old person’s shoes, too. There was a comment made about old people “triple dipping.” Triple dipping, according to this person’s definition is a person on social security, a person who has a pension, and and person who is also working. I’m glad my widowed Mother is triple dipping, otherwise she may not be able to be independent. I’m glad she is able to work, and that she wants to work. I hope she can work until she leaves this place. I hope I can work until I leave this place. I think we both have quite a bit to offer. I think many older people have quite a bit to offer.

On the other hand, I think young people have quite a bit to offer, too, and you just need to figure out how to do so without whining about older people. They’re *not* taking your jobs. End Rant.

How to download video from a Canon Vixia HV40 to a PC

Okay, so I have *tried* for hours to get this video camera to download its videos from tape to my old work PC laptop, and nothing, but nothing worked, until yesterday.  I was determined to get this thing to work.  And I want to share what I had to do in case anyone else runs into this problem on their PC.

I had to buy a firewire cable.  That didn’t come with the camera.  Go figure, right? had the cheapest one.

I had to download a new Codec.  Yeah, what the heck, right?

I had to download ffdshow:

And I had to download HDVSplit:

I put all of this software on my PC laptop, opened HDVSplit, and viola, now I can see my camera and download my video.   Most of this information I obtained from a board on

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012!

In case you don’t believe that Syracuse, New York is devoid of snow, here’s a couple of pics I just took on Montgomery Street, outside of work (Onondaga Historical Association), a few minutes ago:

2012-01-01 018

2012-01-01 017

Unbelievable. It’s supposed to go up to 53 degrees F today. Enjoy your day!

Girder and Panel Building Set

OHA has it’s yearly toy exhibit up again this year, Toys From Your Childhood:  The Psychedelic Sixties! Yes, this is my childhood time period, and I must say, we had some awesome toys!  This is part of the pre-‘keep your children safe from everything that could possibly hurt them’ era.  What we do to “build” this exhibit is ask the public to lend us their toys.  We got in many, many toys, which brought back many memories!

However, when the front desk attendant told me someone came in to donate the Girder and Panel Building Set, my heart started beating fast!  My brother used to have this set, and of course, I played with it, too.  I took the set up to the fifth floor and opened the box and started playing with it.  Tom, the Curator, decided to put it out on the floor for children (and adults like me) to play with, and indeed, they are playing with it, as this pic shows!

Girder and Panel Building Set at the OHA Toys From Your Childhood: The Psychedelic Sixties!

More Decorating!

This week our cute little snowman got some arms:


And Scott’s toboggan is done in our very popular Nifty Fifties Toy exhibition so we have it in our little display:


We decorated for Valentine’s Day with old fashioned things:




Ugh, I need a closer photo of this wall:


which has Currier and Ives prints from old calendars and old valentines.

And an updated, closer view of the ice skaters on the Erie Canal:



Note to Self:
Never come up with an idea for an in-between newsletter mailing to keep members informed, because you end up creating the mailer and assembling it by yourself. Collating and putting stickers on the mailer to keep it closed, then adding mailing labels, is very tedious and boring. This is only a portion of what I was working on:


But of course when I see the need to do a mailing again, I’ll end up doing it all over again. Because I love working there and I want everything we do to succeed!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  With the new year comes hope for a better present and future, right?  We all know it’s going to be another tough year economically, but my hope is that personally this year will be much better than the last few months!  Things I haven’t blogged about and won’t blog about, but you may have noticed my absence from here and from commenting on your blogs.  I’m not going to make any resolutions this year, because they’re never kept.  But it does feel good to have a clean slate, at least for a day!

The latest article I read on Yahoo! news is that Electrical Engineers are finally in demand in this country once again.  But once laid off from a corporation where I was told I was a high performance engineer/manager, how does one trust any company ever again?  And even though I could make lots of money as an EE again, I have two jobs that I am really enjoying right now.  Even though everyone is my face about working as an engineer again.  I am really enjoying myself right now.  And we’ll see where this takes me.  Too bad we can’t see into the future, isn’t it?  It’s kind of like looking down this hallway – what’s on the sides and what is at the end?

George Eastman House

Happy New Year!

P.S.  If anyone was able to see the New Year’s Eve celestial show last night – the moon and three planets (Venus, Jupiter and Mercury), please tell me about it!  It was snowing here last night (big surprise, huh?)

Downtown Department Stores, Or What Am I Doing?

Today at work there was a roundtable of the owners of the department stores that used to be in Syracuse for years until malls took over.  First I met Mr. Chappell of Chappell’s Department Store.

875 - Block108-W-1942 - 300dpi
#875 from OHA’s Photo Store

An old Chappell’s box in the Nifty Fifties toy exhibition. Remember when everything you bought was put into a box instead of a bag?  Chappell’s used to do this even into the 80’s, except their boxes were yellow at that time.  I think I still have a couple of them in my attic.

Then I met Mr. Rodormer of E. W. Edwards & Son Department Store.

326 - Edwards toy store 2 - 300dpi
The rocket in the annex of Edwards Department Store at Christmas time. #325 from OHA’s Photo Store.

An old Edwards box in the Nifty Fifties toy exhibition.

There were others that didn’t introduce themselves to me.  While I didn’t get to listen to the roundtable (pout) I really enjoyed meeting these gentlemen.  I wanted to lock the door and go upstairs to take a few photos, but people kept coming in late.

And I’m really enjoying my job as gift shop manager / museum attendant / webmaster / etc. at OHA!  I don’t know and don’t care what my title is.  Every day at least once a day someone comes in to tell me stories from the area or their family history.  I’m totally in my element with this.

Here’s a quick view of the Nifty Fifties toy exhibition, which is just meant to tease you to come visit if you’re in the area!

It is really cool, and it is getting quite a bit of press and people visiting!

I even submitted a photo of my older brother riding his new horse (which got passed down to the rest of us):

Happy Easter

From the kids at work! They made the baskets and decorated each of the eggs inside. From less than one year old and up to three years old. Nobody can tell me little tiny kids can’t do things! Not with what I see at work!






Enjoy your day!


The turkeys were back across the road from where I park at work again this week. While I’m munching my lunch I love watching these guys move around.


I wish I could get better far-away photos with the camera I carry with me, but you get the idea!

Kisses For You

OMG today was pajama day in the waddler room at work and those little people in their pj’s were so huggable of course I had to hug all of them, don’t you know!! Even the teacher had her pj bottoms on. Of course smarty pants me had to ask her if she had undies on. You know, like asking a man with a kilt on if he’s wearing undies. Don’t tell me you don’t wonder about *that.*


Lookit at this little girl (one of my other favs), with her footsies and everything, how snuggable and huggable is she!


And you know I had to capture my little snuggle bunny with his little footsies, whose feet I just had to tickle and he absolutely loved it!


The teacher was putting together a train for the kids:


And they were all intrigued:

Don’t you love his little hand on her foot?


And for the pièce de résistance, before they were going down for their naps my little snuggle bunny was throwing loud kisses with both hands at me, and I’m sharing them with you because they are just too sweet not to share!

Loading up both barrels with kisses to throw “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Throwing the kisses “Mmmahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Consider yourself majorly kissed!

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