House Stuff

Okay, so I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to get that leaky gutter fixed. Turns out it wasn’t a gutter problem, but a shingle problem. Get this, the roof has *three* layers of shingles on it. Ummmm, okay. And there is a trench that goes towards a corner where the problem lies which just has tar paper on it. Ummmm, okay, again. Argh. We did a temporary fix – hopefully! The can is out in the garage, all I know is it was some kind of thick, gooey tarlike stuff (better than tar though) that is supposed to last five years (yeah, right). Now I have to interview contractors to get all of those shingles removed and start fresh. The roof will probably breathe a big sigh of relief to get the weight of all of those old shingles off from it. And I’ll add flashing or whatever is necessary to prevent ice buildup.

This is just so typical of what I’ve had to put up with in this house, in every room. When I redid the bathroom, I removed 1″ of stuff from the walls – between tile (you know, the 1950’s bathroom tile on the wall), and wood, I gained an extra inch around the perimeter of my bathroom. In my kitchen, I removed layers and layers of wallpaper down to what was probably the original wallpaper. I went back in time as I progressed. I saw the ugly 70’s wallpaper – what is up with that decade anyways – I lived through the 70’s, honking huge bell bottoms and all, and I can’t stand any decorating item that is orange or gold or avocado colored. The 50’s wallpaper wasn’t bad.

Back to the roof, I’ll probably see the original shingles that were put on this house. I don’t know why people cover the old stuff up. I like to get things down to the bare walls and roof, and start fresh. If anyone ever removed the wallpaper from my bedroom, they’ll find it was nicely painted with Zinnser Shieldz. I love Zinnser products! But for now, I’ve got to save my $$$ for a new roof.

P.S. As I was shovelling dirt today to put up against the house to make the water drain away from the house instead of towards it, I saw another Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis) in the wheelbarrow. As I watched him, he did a side step. It was cool to see it again, but I don’t know why these bugs are hanging out in my back yard. I don’t have any Douglas Fir or Pines in my yard. Only Norway Spruce and deciduous trees. I don’t know. They better not try to overwinter in my home (that’s their preferred location to overwinter) because they will be either 1.  thrown out, or 2.  eliminated. I don’t co-reside with bugs in my home.

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