Day: January 9, 2007

Another New Lifer at Lake Ontario!

As I mentioned on Sunday, I travelled up Lake Rd. which mostly looks like this between Irondequit Bay and Mill Creek:

2007-01-08 001

Up and down winding hills that all look the same, with woods on the south side and lake and stupid mansions on the north side. I located the pond and there weren’t very many birds at all – a mallard pair and a couple of geese:

2007-01-08 022

So I went up to Mill Creek, which runs into Lake Ontario, and saw a bunch of Mallards. Nothing new here either, but it was fun to watch them preen:

2007-01-08 007

2007-01-08 006

2007-01-08 005

Then I walked down to the lakeshore, and saw some gulls floating around in the water. Ring-billed gulls. Got ’em already:
2007-01-08 015

Then I saw some gulls on this pipe thing (what the heck is that anyway)?

2007-01-08 012

Great Black-backed Gulls (Larus marinus) – Mon@rch is almost positive this is what these two birds are! Can anyone confirm this?  According to All About Birds, this is the largest gull in the world.
2007-01-08 013 2007-01-08 014

Thanks again Mon@rch for your help! I’m off to buy Sibley’s Birding Basics and Sibley’s Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America.  I’ve got a lot to learn.