Day: January 23, 2007

Irondequoit Bay, LaSalle’s Landing Park

I heard on the radio this morning that there were some ice fishermen on the bay – huh? As far as I know the bay hasn’t even iced over yet – except maybe the south end. So I had to check it out again this morning. I first stopped at the parking area with the big historical sign I showed you before. There was ice underfoot, and it was cracking with every step I took. I looked around and saw the standard birds.

2007-01-23 014

I did see these poles with red flags at the top. But I didn’t see any ice fishermen this morning. I wouldn’t walk out there!
2007-01-23 009

I pulled into another parking lot that was pretty close to the end of the bay and saw more birds.

2007-01-23 027

Then as I drove down the road a little ways I spotted LaSalle’s Landing Park – I didn’t even know it was here! You can see how much it was snowing by looking at the sign.
2007-01-23 034_1

It’s not a very big park, but I did walk out on that stone platform:

2007-01-23 035

It was hard to tell if it was flat walking or not, and as I was walking down there I scared away a Great Blue Heron: 2007-01-23 036

See it flying away? Here’s a closer photo:

2007-01-23 036_1

I saw this swan:

2007-01-23 038

Then I spotted this grebe or loon (thanks Mon@rch!) next to the swan, but when I tried to get a closer photo, it was gone!
2007-01-23 039

And there were more birds hanging out:

2007-01-23 042

And flying around:

2007-01-23 046

And honking loudly:

2007-01-23 047

And showing off beauty:

2007-01-23 050

My photos didn’t come out as good as I had hoped, but it was fun seeing all of the birds here again! I also discovered some other places I need to check out soon!